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Our History:

Serving a Booming Industry:

Sun Well Service

Sun Well Service has become the premier workover rig provider in the Williston Basin by helping our customers exceed their drilling and production goals by operating more efficiently and effectively. With over 27 years of experience, we have earned a reputation of providing top quality equipment and personnel and a commitment to safety, ongoing training, and proven processes.  

We proudly serve the highly successful booming oil and gas market of the Williston Basin. Reports indicate that the Bakken Play alone could produce an additional 300 billion barrels of oil and billions of cubic feet of gas reserves. The Three Forks formation promise more production as well. Due to new technology and expertise, numerous companies are reporting 100 percent success on their Williston Basin wells. Sun Well Service and its employees are proud to be a part of this highly successful market. 

Regional experts have commented that “Sun Well has an excellent reputation for quality work, well-trained staff and quality assets. They have captured significant local market share and have been able to overcome the competition.”

Illustrating innovation, Sun Well Service received national recognition for plugging a well in the middle of Lake Sakakawea for the federal government. Sun Well Service has a long and storied history performing special plugging and abandonment services. 

The Future:


What the Experts are Saying:

During our 29 years of service we have grown to 14 rigs. The future will be no different. Our strategic planning process has resulted in the decision to significantly grow capacity, with 3 more workover rigs coming in the 3rd quarter 2008, along with 4 new mud pumps, 3 new power swivels and 3 5000 lb BOP's. We are confident that Sun Well Service will outperform the market due to our ongoing commitment to and investment in personnel and equipment. 

  • Full utilization and consistent professionalism
  • Focus on building goodwill in the market with proper pricing
  • Commitment to current customer base and focus on taking care of those customers even when exclusive delivery to new customers could be more profitable
  • Innovative solutions
    • ​Trailer-fitted auxiliary equipment
    • Established three-man crews
    • Shaker-equipped mud pumps
    • Engineered solutions tailored to the customers situation
  • Commitment to supporting community events and charities

Proven Track Record:

Twenty-seven years ago, Sun Well Service was started based on a commitment to high quality personnel and the latest and most innovative equipment and processes. We vowed to provide the highest level of customer service and to prioritize worker safety.

Sun Well Service started with three rigs and has grown to operate fourteen rigs as of September 2010. As the company continues to outperform the market, it is clear Sun Well Service will continue to grow and expand.