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Sun Well Service has long been committed to safety including drug screening, WSI safety and training programs.

Sun Well Service started drug testing and screening long before it was required by the industry. Currently, we maintain a strong commitment to a drug free work place. We conduct pre-job drug testing, continuous drug testing through the DOT enlistment program, including random, accident and periodic testing. We also conduct additional optional testing through the company’s own program.

Sun Well Service was an early entry in the WSI safety program and maintains its own safety manual with OSHA compliance provisions for safe operating procedures. The rig crews conduct daily safety meetings and they are involved in creating Job Safety Analysis (JSA) materials for each new activity.

We maintain and monitor accidents and near misses through the AESC safety program and also report to PEC Premier.

In June of 2008 we hired a full time safety professional to head up the Safety programs for Sun Well Service. This will ensure our commitment to the highest standards to train and protect our employees, the customer and the public. Doing so has allowed our salesman to work sales full time.

All new rigs are equipped with the Daptech computerized crown out floor out protection system for better control of tubulars and employee safety. 
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Safety is a Top Priority: